The Zeal Of Our Coaches — A Cut Above

Independent — Experienced — Competent — Dedicated 

Pro Athlete Coaches take a forward motion perspective in providing a robust array of financial services and product solutions. Their qualifications reflect their passion:

 Maintain at least one of the following professional designations:

 Have  a  minimum  of  ten  years  of  dynamic  financial engineering experience.

 Adhere to the Financial Engineering Institute’s code of ethics.  

 Complete twenty hours of innovatively powerful continuing education each year.

Please be advised that The Financial Engineering Institute, the Program's Advisory Board and Program Partners do not endorse and are not responsible for, and disclaim, any liability for the acts or omissions of any Pro Athlete Financial Coach included. The Institute and its Program Partners are not responsible for, and make no representation concerning the skill, honesty or competency of any Pro Athlete Financial Coach included, or any other person. For additional information regarding the Program and its authorized financial advisors, contact The Financial Engineering Institute, LLC  407-878-3520 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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*These are designations awarded exclusively by The American College, which is not in any way affiliated with The Financial Engineering Institute, LLC.